VBS Active Directory Scripting

This section focuses on VBS that queries or modifies Active Directory. VBS (Visual Basic Scripting) is a list of VBS commands in a file that can be executed. The scripting is in text form and usually has a VBS extension. VBS files are by default launched (when you double click them) by the OS with the WSCRIPT.exe interpreter. The WSCRIPT interpreter runs behind the scenes and it is difficult to know when it stops and starts. There is another shell interpreter called CSCRIPT.exe this runs the VBS in a DOS window making it easier to know when the script has finished. You can switch the default shell interpreter but for the most part I leave them alone. If you accidentally launch a script that is malfunctioning you can stop the process in task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC).

Local Password Reset V1.0


This script scans AD for machines (you specify type -server or worsktations) then resets a local account password (you specify the account and new pass). It also checks the services on the machine to see is any of them run as that account and tells you. I did not make it change the service.  GET IT
Security Log Tools V2.0


Designed to run on DCs but can be run on any machine with a security log. Monitors the log for dangerous activity and sends an email alert. GET IT
User Spy V1.0


User spy scans the security log of a machine (preferably a Domain Controller) you specify and pulls out specified users actions. GET IT
Domain Search V1.0


AD Search searches the domain that matches a string value you enter. You can also select which AD object property to search. Slick little tool sure to benefit any Admin GET IT
UpSince V1.1


Upsince is a tool which successfully fried my brain. It will scan Active Directory for servers, then connect to each server and calculate how long it has been up. Fully commented code. GET IT
Domain Get Internet Explorer Version V1.0


This software is designed to scan your domain for IE and its version and make a report. You can specify the domain and the output file.  GET IT
Domain Find Service V2.0


This software is designed to scan your domain for a service and its state and make a report. You can specify the domain, the service, the service state, and the output file.  GET IT
Domain Cleanup V1.0


This software is designed to find unused user and computer accounts on your domain. You can specify to make a report or delete the stale objects or both. A must have for any Microsoft domain. GET IT
SoftCast V2


Version 2 Copies and then launches an application to machines in a specified Active directory group.  GET IT
 LDAP AD FrameworkV1.0


This script will query a specified Active Directory tree structure and allow you to parse and run code against the objects.   GET IT

WARNING -The original code created by the author was not created to be damaging or intended to create any kind of damage. There are no "hidden features" or "spy ware" contained during the writing of this code. Since this is a script someone could inject harmful code. If you plan on injecting my code with anything that "harms" or causes damage, or spies or otherwise keeps track of anything you will be subject to international criminal prosecution as well as litigation from the author and any parties harmed by such an injection or addition.