Batch Scripting

Batch is a native Windows script language that has been around since the beginning of Windows. A batch script is nothing more than a list of  DOS commands in a file that can be executed. To make a batch script you add the commands into a text file and save it with a BAT or CMD extension.

User Folder True-up


User true up is designed for user directories where the directory name is the same as the users login ID. Use this tool to set ownership on those directories as well as to set basic permissions. GET IT
Annoying V1.0


This is a spammer of sorts, run it and enter in the name of the user you want to annoy and you will send the user thousands of annoying messages. Good for annoying your buddies. Careful they can see who the message is from and it is possible to message the entire domain if you put the domain name instead of the username. GET IT
Synch Data V1.0


This is a script that will copy data from one place to another if the place we are copying from has a newer time stamp then the place we are copying to. This script is very popular. I have used it in migrations as well as for home use.   GET IT

WARNING -The original code created by the author was not created to be damaging or intended to create any kind of damage. There are no "hidden features" or "spy ware" contained during the writing of this code. Since this is a script someone could inject harmful code. If you plan on injecting my code with anything that "harms" or causes damage, or spies or otherwise keeps track of anything you will be subject to international criminal prosecution as well as litigation from the author and any parties harmed by such an injection or addition.