VBS WMI Scripting

This section focuses on VBS that queries or modifies Windows Operating Systems using WMI (Windows Media Instrumentation). VBS (Visual Basic Scripting) is a list of VBS commands in a file that can be executed. The scripting is in text form and usually has a VBS extension. VBS files are by default launched (when you double click them) by the OS with the WSCRIPT.exe interpreter. The WSCRIPT interpreter runs behind the scenes and it is difficult to know when it stops and starts. There is another shell interpreter called CSCRIPT.exe this runs the VBS in a DOS window making it easier to know when the script has finished. You can switch the default shell interpreter but for the most part I leave them alone. If you accidentally launch a script that is malfunctioning you can stop the process in task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC).

System File Monitor V1.0


Takes a baseline of the system files and sends alerts if changes are detected. Is much more in depth than WFP. GET IT
Start Process V1.0


Starts a process on a remote machine and tells you if it was successful. GET IT
Remote Help V1.0


Send the VBS file to a person who needs computer assistance and when they run the script it will configure and run remote desktop sharing (Netmeeting). All the user has to do is report back their IP to you then you connect to them through a secure connection -the script provides the IP. LAN USERS      CABLE/DSL/WAN USERS
Log Off Remote User V1.1  
Run this against a specified machine or all machines in the domain and it will tell you who is logged in and log them off if you want to. GET IT
Kill Process V1.0


Lists processes and resource utilization on a local or remote machine and then lets you specify by name or process ID a process to kill. GET IT
IIS Log Monitor V2.1


IISLogMon is designed to run on a Windows 2003 server with IIS. IISLogMon finds the active IIS log and parses it for a list of hack strings or anything else you want to monitor your logs for -then it will page or email you the IP of the attacker, request attempt, and time of the attack. The script runs as a service! GET IT
Cross Ping V1.0


Cross Ping is a script that lets a machine monitor the availability of a list of other machines. It comes with an installer and a remover. Configure the email section for notifications then run the installer... GET IT
System Monitor V1.0


System Monitor is a VBS script designed to run behind the scenes on a networked system. The software will poll the system at a preconfigured interval (configurable) for CPU. Physical Memory, Virtual Memory, Page File Usage, and Free Disk space. If any of these monitored items passes a threshold (configurable) for a number of iterations (configurable) an email (configureable) will be sent. GET IT
Q-checker V1.0


This is a slick Hot Fix checker. Based on SubnetKing so you can run it against a list of IP subnets. It will create a simple text report with a list of servers missing the Hot Fix. In the future I will incorporate logic to install the patch if it is missing.  GET IT
Memory Monitor V1.0


This script is the first of a monitoring suite I am creating. Configure it, install it and you will get email and/or page alerts when memory utilization has passed a threshold. Fully remarked code -of course. GET IT
WMI Framework SubnetKing V1.0


This is a handy script that will allow you to run any WMI code against a list of IP subnets. This is a must have! GET IT
Inventory Scan V1.0


This will scan a subnet list and create a TAB delimited inventory against a list of IP subnets. This is a must have! GET IT

 WARNING -The original code created by the author was not created to be damaging or intended to create any kind of damage. There are no "hidden features" or "spy ware" contained during the writing of this code. Since this is a script someone could inject harmful code. If you plan on injecting my code with anything that "harms" or causes damage, or spies or otherwise keeps track of anything you will be subject to international criminal prosecution as well as litigation from the author and any parties harmed by such an injection or addition.